Cushion Grip – a Soft Pliable Thermoplastic for Refitting and Tightening Dentures 1 Oz (28 Grams)


Product Description

100% Waterproof. Secure Comfort.100% Waterproof. Secure Comfort.

Experience the original and best thermoplastic dental adhesive for your dentures. Great to secure upper and lower plates, and partials. Cushion Grip’s exclusive thermoplastic polymer formula gives denture wearers a long lasting, comfortable, secure hold for up to 4 days with a single application. 100% waterproof Cushion Grip will not wash off or breakdown in water like ordinary dental cream/paste adhesives. Even after daily cleaning, soaking and brushing, professional strength Cushion Grip recreates a secure seal each time you reinsert your dentures lasting 4 times longer than ordinary dental adhesives. Makes eating easier and more comfortable.

Experience the best in denture comfort, experience Cushion Grip.

How does Cushion Grip work?

Cushion Grip acts like both an adhesive and a soft reliner. It is not a “glue”. Cushion Grip adheres to your dentures and molds to the shape of your gums. It creates the suction needed to keep your dentures in place without a glue. There is a learning curve in applying Cushion Grip in the right amount for your dentures, please call USpharma and ask for a Brand Ambassador who will be able to assist you if you are having trouble. The product is recommended to be used without additional adhesives or reliners with great results; however, some customers prefer to use Cushion Grip with other products for extra security.

Please see easy How to Apply and Remove Videos and Instructions for Use on the MyCushionGrip website.

Helpful tips for application and removal:

· Ensure tube is placed in hot water upside down with cap tightly closed to facilitate easy removal from the tube. At room temperature, Cushion Grip is a highly viscous semi-solid material which becomes pliable with heat.

· Dentures should be completely dry before application of Cushion Grip.

· For a first-time user, please start with a small amount. Use more, if needed, until you determine the right amount for your dentures.

· Please consult dentist if you have to apply denture adhesive more than once a day.

· To remove, place denture in hot water for 10 minutes allowing Cushion Grip to be easily peeled off like a liner.

Frequently Asked Question: Is this the same Cushion Grip Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive that was originally sold by Schering Plough and Merck?

Yes! Cushion Grip is back by popular demand! USpharma has relaunched the exact same original thermoplastic formula that Cushion Grip users loved and depended on to secure their dentures since 1950. When purchasing, look for the Cushion Grip logo with original formula on the package. Be wary of imitation brands claiming they are a Cushion Grip replacement. Made in the U.S.A. of U.S. and/or Imported Ingredients.

Cushion GripCushion Grip

Cushion GripCushion Grip

You Spoke. We Listened.

A passionate and loyal fan base kept the Cushion Grip product alive via social media and blogs. YouTubers made videos pleading for the return of Cushion Grip to mass merchandisers and drug store retailers, which lead to a petition being launched on to bring the product back

Manesh Dixit, Ph.D., CEO of USpharma, stated “We are delighted to manufacture and distribute this iconic brand of denture adhesive in its original formula to the 30 million wearers of denture plates in the U.S.”

Cushion GripCushion Grip

Nothing beats the Original Formula.

Since first being introduced in 1950, Cushion Grip was consistently a favorite consumer product for denture wearers due to its long lasting 4-day secure hold, and cushioned softness. The product was manufactured and distributed in the U.S. through 2014. In January 2019, USpharma reintroduces it again to denture wearers everywhere. We are back!

Cushion GripCushion Grip

Smile with Your Friends Again!

Cushion Grip, known for its ability to hold dentures securely four times longer than ordinary dental cream adhesives, is manufactured at USpharma’s state-of-the-art facility in Florida using thermoplastic polymers that are heat activated and 100% waterproof. Cushion Grip is zinc-free, and non-toxic.

Cheers to Your Smile!

Cushion GripCushion Grip

The Couple that Smiles Together, Stays Together.

With just one smile You can make a Person’s Day. That person might even be You.

Cushion Grip is back to see you smile again!

Original Formula. Professional Strength. 100% Waterproof.
Thermoplastic polymer provides pliable, cushiony comfort for gums.
Lasts up to 4x longer than other dental adhesives
Inhibits biofilm. Secure Hold
No mix, no mess formula. Zinc free. Non-toxic.

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