EvridWear 100% Cotton Touchscreen Moisturizing Beauty Gloves with Elastic Cuff, Natural Cosmetic Therapy Gloves for Eczema SPA Dry Hands Care Overnight (White, Small) 2 Pairs


Our EvridWear cotton moisturizing gloves are soft to the touch. They give you the option for day and nighttime treatment for your hands. 100% cotton fabric with a small strip of elastic to help keep them secure. The touchscreen material is fabric based with copper and nickel. Our materials make them mostly hypoallergenic. Sizing is man’s to help with your selection.

🖐 Touchscreen fingertips.: Improved finger touch for phone, pad or computers, any touchscreen device
🖐 Good shape: With an elastic strip on the back of the cuff that slightly adjusts, creating a firm fit for day or night
🖐 Take care: Treatment, healing, hand care for body lotion, cream, ointment absorption during the day or bedtime
🖐 Multi-purpose. Also, great for coin jewelry silver inspection, catering industry, material, school bands, photography, archival and art handling

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